Products : Personal Care (83)

  • Soya Candle

    Soya Candle

    From $7.24 To $9.04

  • Pill Box

    Pill Box

    Three compartment pill box.

    From $0.44 To $0.52

  • Medication Organiser

    Medication Organiser

    Unique medication organiser which has se

    From $2.50 To $2.82

  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

    A compact kit containing an assortment o

    From $3.64 To $3.96

  • Mini Personal Mister

    Mini Personal Mister

    30 ml mini misting device which utilises

    From $8.60 To $9.74

  • Lip Gloss Ball

    Lip Gloss Ball

    Trend setting lip gloss ball with vanill

    From $2.50 To $2.96

  • Compact Lip Gloss

    Compact Lip Gloss

    Fashionable purse sized compact with a m

    From $3.06 To $3.52

  • Lip Balm Ball

    Lip Balm Ball

    Stylish vanilla flavoured lip balm ball

    From $2.84 To $3.28

  • Travel Toothbrush

    Travel Toothbrush

    Compact travel toothbrush with a handle

    From $1.64 To $2.10

  • Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

    Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

    Compact travel toothbrush with a handle

    From $2.48 To $2.92

  • Travel Kit

    Travel Kit

    Convenient travel kit consisting of 30 g

    From $7.64 To $8.78

  • Insect Repellent Sprayer Pen

    Insect Repellent Sprayer Pen

    10 ml pump action insect repellant with

    From $2.66 To $3.80

  • Leather-Look Manicure Set

    Leather-Look Manicure Set

    Smart leather-look manicure set with a z

    From $7.66 To $8.12

  • Nail Clipper

    Nail Clipper

    Nail clipper in a plastic case with a ch

    From $2.08 To $2.52

  • Vinyl Manicure Set

    Vinyl Manicure Set

    Translucent vinyl manicure set which con

    From $3.60 To $4.04

  • Reflections Manicure Set

    Reflections Manicure Set

    Designer manicure set with a large mirro

    From $7.90 To $9.06

  • 4-In-1 Mini Nail File

    4-In-1 Mini Nail File

    Four nail files and a buffer in a conven

    From $2.24 To $2.70

  • Glass Nail File

    Glass Nail File

    Glass nail file in a White/Clear protect

    From $1.98 To $2.44

  • Dual Magnification Folding Mirror-Round

    Dual Magnification Folding Mirror-Round

    Round double sided folding mirror with b

    From $2.66 To $3.12

  • Rectangular Mirror Stand

    Rectangular Mirror Stand

    Rectangular mirror with a cover which fl

    From $2.32 To $2.78

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